About Us

Integrity Initiative, Inc. (II, Inc.) was organized in 2009 by five leading business associations and nine pioneer corporations to promote integrity and ethical behavior in business and other sectors. Seed money from the Siemens Integrity Initiative supported the founding under first Chairman Ramon del Rosario Jr.

In its first years, II Inc. got more than 3,000 businesses, organizations, agencies, and members of the academe to sign and take an Integrity Pledge. It conducted dozens of integrity forums for corporations and Integrity Summits. In 2013, Integrity Initiative was fully incorporated and registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Board of Trustees

2021 - 2022

Atty. Alexander B. Cabrera


Michael K. Raeuber

Vice Chairperson

Edgar O. Chua


Jose Jerome Pascual, III


David Ebb Hinchliffe


Atty. Francisco Ed. Lim


Founding Members

Business Associations

Pioneer Member Companies

Phinma Corporation Shell Philippines PwC Philippines Isla Lipana & Co. Deloitte PLDT Convergys SGV & Co. PMFTC Inc. Royal Cargo Inc.

The Integrity Pledge

The Integrity Pledge is a collective expression of commitment to ethical business practices and good corporate governance. In 2011, 2,386 companies, 233 organizations, 86 members of the academe, and 45 government units signed the pledge which fosters the following:

  • Prohibiting bribery in any form ; 
  • Maintaining a Code of Conduct; 
  • Conducting integrity training programs; 
  • Implementing internal systems and controls; 
  • Maintaining accurate financial reporting mechanisms; 
  • Maintaining ethical channels for employees; 
  • Entering into integrity pacts; and 
  • Refraining from engaging in business with parties who demonstrate unethical business practices. 

Make your mark as an organization and position your company as leaders in maintaining ethical standards and cultivating a culture of integrity in the workplace.

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